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At Axa Zara, our daily mission is to creatively solve challenges related to bringing technology into people’s lives.
Diverse and passionate, we provide an enriching work environment that fosters innovation and positive impact. Join us, bring your knowledge and enthusiasm to enhance our products and services.
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Our employees are at the center of our corporate culture.

Better working tools

We provide you with good working tools to allow you to excel in your tasks.

Professional development

We invest in our employees for their short, medium, and long-term career goals.

Team retreat

Each year we have a 15-day team retreat where we can meet and learn from each other.

Remote work

Each team member has at least one day of remote work per week

Diversity & Inclusion

We accept each employee as he or she is, so that he or she can fully develop at work.

Friendly Teammates

Develop alongside skilled colleagues who support your growth.

Our recruitment process
We strive to make the hiring process an positive experience regardless the outcome.
We assess skills, abilities, expertise and fit with our values and culture. Assessment of key skills or competencies may also be part of the selection process, depending on the nature of the position.
A verbal offer will be made to successful candidates. At this time we may request pre-employment screening and other local requirements. A formal written offer outlining the details of the job will follow.
After we confirm your start date, you will receive information describing our local onboarding process. Our goal is to make your arrival at Axa Zara as smooth as possible, and to welcome you to our team!
For students and recent graduates

We give you the opportunity to learn and help create solutions that help others.

Internship for graduating students and new graduates
At Axa Zara, interns are an essential part of our teams. No matter what type of internship you apply for, you can work on challenging projects and quickly gain skills. As an intern, you have the opportunity to help design products that make a positive impact on the world.
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For an immersion internship, I had a very beautiful experience insofar as being in a young company, dynamism is a point of honor. The climate is friendly but also challenging, you are constantly pushed to exceed yourself and to learn as much as possible through the tasks entrusted to you. We are closely followed by our internship supervisor and you feel fulfilled in the work. I say thank you to the whole Axazara team.
SEKA Esther
I completed a 3-month internship at Axa Zara. It was a very enriching experience both personally and professionally. I was involved in all the projects that were within my purview. The work environment contributed to me giving my best. Special mention to my internship supervisor who assisted me a lot and gave good tips to improve. Thanks to the whole team.
Waris Bio Tchane
These 6 months spent at AXA ZARA were very enriching for me both professionally and personally. I was able to acquire practical experience in marketing while evolving in a warm and challenging work environment.
Working at Axa Zara was one of my best professional experiences. Discovery, learning, passion, and growth both professionally and personally perfectly summarize my experience within the company. Axa Zara offers a work environment conducive to productivity, accompanied by a continuous learning level that is ideal for those wishing to consolidate their skills and acquire new ones.
Ezouan Anicet
These 6 months spent at AXA ZARA were very enriching for me both professionally and personally. I was able to acquire practical experience in marketing while evolving in a warm and challenging work environment.
I completed a professional internship in 2022 at Axa Zara, which was an enriching experience. The team welcomed me warmly, the work pace was moderate, and the team members were open-minded. This allowed me to acquire numerous skills and to feel fulfilled as a web developer.
Odile Assogba
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